Object & components

Tens of thousands of interesting pages about object-orientation and component-orientation exist on the Internet.
This is where the Cetus Links come in: They offer quick access and a comprehensive overview of each subject.

Web technology

Needed by every website designer or coder, knowledge on Java,Javascript, DHTML etc..
Choosing the right colors is important, finding web safe colors can be difficult.

To validate your html and CCS, use the standards available at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Statistics, tips etc on the web at


Many stories exists about computer security problems. Don't accept anything you read or hear !

Start with some trusted sources, such as CERT, CIAC, SANS or (Dutch website).

More information on IDS (intrusion detection) and sniffers try nessus, snort or packetstorm.

You think your wireless lan is safe, read netstumbler first.

Time synchronisation

Trying to track some actions on a network ?, comparison of logfiles with different time stamps will be impossible.

Try to synchronise the time between computers, start at the NTP website.


In this Internet era, networking knowledge is a must for every IT professional.
RFC index | STD index | BCP index | FYI index
- Easy access to RFCs -


Some networking manufacturers are trying to train every web surfer.
InformIT thinks your brain is an animal, feed it!
Are you ready for the microsoft exams ?

Every internet user has some thoughts about network speed, the article "It's the Latency, Stupid" explains some of the mysteries about bandwidth, capacity and latency.

Did you ever want to find out who's behind a certain IP number? Or what other people can find out about you?
Try ip2name or GRC

IP calculator
IP address :
IP subnet:
IP subnet mask:
IP broadcast mask:
Number of hosts:

SciFi hardware

Some people are waiting for Star Trek gadgets, others look for PDA and handhelds on the web, even Linux and Open Source is available for this hardware.

The next generation computer chips brings this even closer.